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Thession, why and where

Theseus is the main super hero of Athenian myth and the chap credited with uniting the disparate villages of Attika. In gratitude Theseus (like Lord Byron's Vyronas) gets a whole section of town named after him called Thession.

Theseus also gets his moniker on the beautiful near by temple, called, by most local people, the Thession. Its the best preserved temple in Greece too by the way and in the Athenian Agora. We call it the Athenian agora to distinguish it from the Roman Agora. And most folks call the temple the Thession but some people, archeologists mostly, also call it the temple of Hephaisteos (Vulcan) and they do this because Hephaisteos was not only married to Aphrodite (the goddess of love) but was also the patron God of metal smiths who had their workshops right near by.

So the name of the Temple is either Hephaisteos or Theseus depending on which archeologist is in fashion at the moment. In order to see the temple from Thession you can enter the Athenian Agora, which is quite large, from several entrances, one of which is just by the Thession Metro Station! If you walked through the Agora you could come out in Monastiraki Sq and save yourselves some hiking in the hot sun.

leaving the acropolis heading towards thession

Thession, the section of town however has bars and restaurants which I go into a bit in The Restaurant Guide. Same with Psirri, which is the old leather district that is rapidly becoming gentrified. Psirri even has its own Web site in the Links Directory but its in Greek or was the last time I checked it.

heading towards thession just arriving in Thession

Thession is a pleasant promenade space and has good restaurants and cafes and is worth visiting. There is a small square and several ouzeries, cafes and tavernas where you may eat out side with a nice view at ground level or there are roof top restaurants in the Thession area too where you pay extra to look at the Acropolis.

heading towards thession thession cafes

Also if your hormones are active, and you are looking for companionship, there is a strip in Thession (you cant miss it either) with lots of outdoor tables and bars where people of like mind have been know to congregate! Last time I was there it was a heterosexual and a gay crowd and with the tourists in town it will be more exciting still.

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